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IDN Sales Report – October 2008

IDN Sales Report Sept. 1, 2008 – Sept. 30, 2008 All sales are over 500 USD IDN punycode language translation price where 1 ギャンブル.com xn--ock3dqb7a0b gambling japanese 150 000 private 2 direktflü xn--direktflge-heb direct flights german 5 500 sedo 3 ростов.com xn--b1axaggg Rostov russian 4 444 idnforums 4 卫浴.cn xn--rlru91d bathroom vanities chinese 3 126 […]

Domain Name Wire: Risks Remain for IDN Investors

New IDN TLDs may pose problems for second level IDN holders.
For years, domain names were only available in roman characters. Domain names in these characters don’t make a lot of sense to web users who’s primary languages don’t use these characters.
But then so-called International Domain Names (IDNs) using non-roman characters became available. Domainers […]

Japanese IDN was sold for $150,000

ZODIAC CAPITAL TO INITIATE A MAJOR GAMING PROJECT Sydney NSW, January 14, 2008 — Zodiac Capital Limited (ASX: ZOD) advises that it has entered into an agreement to acquire a controlling interest in the dot-com Japanese domain name for “gambling”, (“ギャンブル”, pronounced “Gyanburu”). ギャンブル .com is an IDN (International Domain Name) Internet portal and vertical […]

IDN Sales Report – September 2008

IDN Sales Report Sept. 1, 2008 – Sept. 30, 2008 All sales are over 500 USD IDN punycode language translation price* where 1 сочи.com xn--h1aliz russian Sochi 21 555 idnchannel 2 沙发.com xn--oorp09c chinese sofa 9 000 private 3 株マップ.com xn--9ckxbt7377c japanese stock map 8 000 private 4 网.cn xn--ur0a chinese network 7 034 […]

Russian IDN (Сочи.com) Banks $21,555

The Russian IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) Сочи.com sold recently for a whopping $21,555. The auction took place on IDN forum IDNChannel.
With all the auctions and sales that took place this week, this one took place at a normal forum auction and sold for well over what other ASCII domains at the other auctions did.
It was […]

Japan Domain Market Demystified

by Darshaun Nadeau
Ever sat at one of the VeriSign “State of the domain” meetings at any of the ICANN meetings? Or read their reports about countries with the greatest opportunity in domains? Almost without question you will learn that Japan is earmarked as the country with the greatest opportunity for growth in the domain […]

NIC.RU now offers IDN registrations in .COM and .NET

IDN registrations are now available not only in .SU. Beginning on September, 02, 2008 RU-CENTER offers IDN registrations in .COM and .NET. More than 80 languages are available. Languages that can be written in the following scripts: Latin; Greek; Cyrillic; Armenian; Hebrew; Arabic; Syriac; Bengali; Gurmukhi; Oriya; Tamil; Telegu; Kannada; Malayalam; Sinhala; Thai; Lao; Tibetan; […]

Rick Latona: I wish I had taken ccTLDs and IDNs more seriously

True global brands need a .com extension. Clearly there are obvious exceptions but for the most part, if you want to market to the world, you need a good .com. However, with all the patting on the back old-school domainers like to give themselves, you have to admit, we should have registered more country-code top-level […]

£.com To Be Auctioned Off Today

Richard Haigh, a businessman who bought the domain name www.£.com for £20 nine years ago is hoping to auction it for more than £1million today.
Today, on 26th June 2008, at the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, Great Britain’s “pound domain” (£.com) will, along with associated property, be auctioned for sale as part of the IP Business […]

IDN Sale: Top Arabic Domains

We have been sitting on our IDN (International Domain Names) portfolio without any turnover for a while now. While I have no desire to liquidate Rick Latona style, I do think it is smart to heed his advice and turn over inventory every so often. This is also a time where it would help us […]