Chris Smith: Free Book – IDN On Steroids – A Guide To Internationalized Domain Names

Do you know what IDNs are?

IDNs are “Internationalized Domain Names”. All domain names are spelled in English but to us speakers of the English language (many of us native and our only language), it never occurs to us that the rest of the world is essentially typing their domains in a language different to the one that they prefer to speak and write in.

Well IDNs are a recent invention (last few years) that allow the surfer to type a domain in whatever language they want.

Here’s an example which I’m showing as an image instead of text (in case your browser does not have the appropriate language packs installed which overseas users would already have):

example idn

So where are IDNs today in 2008?

Surfers around the world are using them more and more. More people overseas know what they are and large companies such as Nissan are now openly advertising their sites in IDN form.

Because of this, already IDN domain speculators are making huge returns on investment, able to sell them sometimes for one thousand times the price that they paid for them, or even more.

IDN On Steroids

But what about the free guide? IDN On Steroids is a 49 page guide that tells you all about IDNs and is aimed at the complete beginner who wants to get into IDNs. Whether you already know a little about traditional domains or don’t know anything at all then this guide is for you.

I’ve also created a 50 minute video where I’ll give you some good hints on how to find your own IDNs.

This is a free book and you can send it to your friends, offer it on your website, give it away as a free bonus for a paid product and a lot more. The full rights are listed at the beginning of the book itself.

The only thing I ask you for are your kind comments so please leave your comments on this blog as I would really appreciate it and love to hear from you.

Download Links:

IDN On Steroids Ebook Download Link

Bonus Video Main Download Link
Bonus Video Alternative Download Link


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