Multiple Domains Resellers in Colombia

The Ministry of Communications in Colombia has ready the Resolution which regulates the management of domains in Colombia.

At this moment it is pending the process to initiate the Tender.

The following are most important points:

  • The management of domains in Colombia will be given to a 3rd party.
  • The entity selected to manage the Colombian domains will have to select the companies which will be Resellers of domains .CO, unlike the original plan there are no limits on Resellers. This will allow more transparency, competition, better prices and more a dynamic market under domains .co
  • There is no establish date yet for the beginning of the Tender process, it is estimated that the process takes about two months.
  • There are many people interested that have approach the Ministry in order to request the management of the .CO.
  • The domains from Colombia are of great interest around the world since it opens the possibility to register Second level domains, for example: which makes its registration very interesting and it will also allow the registration of Ñ and accents.
  • There is global consensus that the expression “CO” is synonym of “corporation” and “company” which makes it very interesting for companies to register their second level domain .CO and also obtain a shorter name than .COM.
  • The tariffs will be regulated by the dynamic of the market and in case of irregularities the Ministry can establish minimums and maximums.

More information can be found in:

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