Statistics of Latinamerican Domains – September 2008

Statistics of Latinamerican Domains – September 2008.

LatinoamerICANN published its monthly report with domain name statistics in latinamerica which correspond to september 2008.

One of the relevant points is that the region exceeded the amount of 4.000.000 domains delegated and it represents a growth of 17,87% from the beginning of the year. The leader cctld is Brazil (.br), followed by Argentina (.AR). Mexico (.MX) and Venezuela (.VE). Also Peru (.PE) and Costa Rica (.CR) have a remarkable job in this latinamerican milestone of 4.000.000 domains.

During september the cctld`s that presented the greater growth were Venezuela (7,75%), Granada (7,14%) and Ecuador (5,50%).

Venezuela (.ve) has shown a great growth during the past three months and it represents an important achievement for this country.

Juan Enrique Sanchez S.

President NameAction LatinAmerica



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