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ICANN: Successful Evaluations of .test IDN TLDs

In October 2006, ICANN engaged Autonomica AB of Stockholm, Sweden, to develop, conduct, and report on the results of laboratory testing of internationalized top-level domains in a setting corresponding to the public root. On

Is China Preparing to Go its Own Way with its Own Internet Root?

Interesting things happening in China. An article in the English edition of the People’s Daily on line is headlined, Decimal network security address begins operation: “China’s decimal network security address was officially launched. China has made a fundamental breakthrough in its Internet development; and actual use has been successful. The birth of decimal network technology makes China the only country able to unify domain names, IP addresses and MAC addresses into the text of a metric system…” Someone asked whether this was a rumored IPv9? It appears IPv9 is a project name, not a new protocol. It lumps together several activities, including at least… More…

How to Get Started with IDNs – 14 Tips, Techniques and Resources

How does becoming wealthier than Frank Schilling sound? Schilling, the most successful individual domainer in the world, has a portfolio of about 300,000 names, estimated revenue of $20 million dollars per year, and has received several 9-figures offers for his portfolio. Yet according to long-time IDN investor and …

GoDaddy now allows IDN registration

Looking for a domain name expressed in a foreign language? With GoDaddy’s Internationalized Domain Name search capabilities, you can register .COM and .NET domain names in over 100 native languages (non-ASCII characters) such as Chinese, Japanese and Arabic or in standard ASCII character format. For example: пустыня (Russian word for “desert”) is equivalent to xn--m1adged4c3a […]

Peru set to launch Spanish IDNs

The Peruvian namespace .PE will soon be open to Spanish character domain names. An initial priority registration period is currently underway. Spanish characters are all the rage at the moment. After Spain’s own domain, .ES, both .INFO and .BIZ have recently announced plans to offer Spanish-language characters. Peru is doing the same with 7 characters […]

NeuStar expands reach of .biz IDNs

Six new international domain names for the Internet have been launched by Sterling-based Neustar, Inc. for companies that do business in a variety of languages worldwide. NeuStar (NYSE: NSR) has added Finnish, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian , Polish and Portuguese in the .biz top-level Internet domain.

Things you didn’t realize were on the ICANN site: Part 2

It is very inconsiderate of five-sixths of the world to fail to speak English, but then we are reliably informed that they feel pretty much the same way.
And so while the Internet has done an extraordinary job of transcending physical borders, language remains a pretty significant issue if you want to actually communicate with your […]

Afilias announced .INFO Spanish IDNs

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 21 January 2008 – Afilias, a global provider of registry services, announced today that Internet users can now register .INFO domain names that include the Spanish characters á, é, í, ñ, ó, ú, and ü. The introduction of these new domain names, termed Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), now enables Spanish-speakers to establish […]

Spanish INFO IDN Launch (Dynadot)

On Jan 19, 2008 the central registry for INFO domains will be launching support for Spanish IDNs. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, after Chinese (English is third). INFO is one of the most well recognized and established top level domains in the world. LAUNCH INDICATOR Spanish INFO IDNs are scheduled […]

Stock Beats Sex

In 2007, the word “stock” beat out the word “sex” for the top search term for Google China. Amazingly, so did two other company names, China Merchants Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, both hot IPO A-share stocks from last year. There is an intense battle going on in the Chinese economy for growth. From […]