The Complete Guide to IDNs (International Domain Names)

Just a quick note before I tell you about the IDN guide… I just got over a terrible case of the flu. Maybe it was all that rain in Hollywood? Anyway, I am back from my extended break and ready to get the DotSauce gears turning as before.

I must admit, I do not have any experience with International Domain Names beyond my understanding of what they are. IDNs use a special algorithm called Punycode to translate non-English characters to be useable within domain names.

Jeff Behrendt, a great guy and avid domain name enthusiast writes some phenomenal content on his blog DomainBits. His most recent work is the following guide on IDNs:

“How to Get Started with IDNs”
14 Tips, Techniques and Resources

I definitely recommend looking into it if you are unfamiliar with IDNs or interested in expanding your knowledge of the emerging niche domain industry. You will find some excellent resources and suggestions as well as an exclusive interview with David Wrixon, one of the world’s most knowledgeable IDN experts.

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