.SU Russian IDN

RU-CENTER Since April, 28, 2008 according to the decision of The Foundation for Internet
, SU top level domain Administrator restrictions for
registration domain names with prefix xn-- are canceled. It allows .SU Russian IDN
registration. Since April, 15, 2008
RU-CENTER takes the pre-orders
for .SU Russian IDNs

If you apply for a domain and your application is the only one, .SU
Russian IDN will be yours after April, 28 for 23.6 USD. If RU-CENTER
receives more than one pre-order, the auction will be held between the

According to the above since April, 15, 2008

  1. The
    new Regulation for .SU Russian IDN pre-registration service
    is accepted
    (Regulations 1/11-2 in Russian)

  2. The following documents are changed:

More information on .SU IDN pre-registration
(in Russian)

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