For Over 400 Years the British Pound Symbol has Identified the UK’s Unit of Currency, the Pound?

For Over 400 Years the British Pound Symbol has Identified the UK’s Unit of Currency, the Pound…

Now the pound’s online home is for sale. On the afternoon of 26th June 2008, Great Britain’s symbol-based “pound domain” will, along with associated property, be offered for sale at public auction.

London, England. April 14 2008 — Moneyedge Limited wish to announce the sale of it’s historic domain name, representing the British pound.

Arguably the pound’s “home on the net”, this is one of a handful of symbol-based domain names in the world. Richard Haigh, Director of Moneyedge, had this to say about his company’s offering:

“This domain name has never been promoted commercially yet has many users curiously typing the name in to their browser on a daily basis. I would say that 99.99% of internet users still do not know that symbol-based domains like this exist. This is understandable, however, as they are extremely rare (only 16 in ‘.com’) and until recently could not be promoted”.

“The sale includes other intellectual property, including, which will allow our symbol domain to pass the ‘radio test’ and be promoted in every media. This IP portfolio will probably be acquired by a company looking to create a wholly unique financial services identity on the internet”.

This unique web identity makes use of IDN (International Domain Name) technology and to access the domain directly visitors need to have a recent web browser like Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2 and be in one of the 18 countries that have the British pound symbol on their keyboards.

Further information on the sale may be obtained from our exclusive sales agent Ocean Tomo (, the USA’s leading Intellectual Capital Merchant Banc ® firm.

About Moneyedge Limited

Established in 1999, we are a small UK company specialising in internet investments, particularly those with a strong marketing angle.


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