Unicode Graphic Domains

Domains using the full character spectrum aren’t really supported well in browsers, partly due to security issues… so entering something like bücherei.com (the German word for library) will resolve into what is called a punycode address, namely xn--bcherei-n2a.com. This kinda ruins it for serious uses, but still, there’s domains out there using more than just ASCII letters… and some even use the graphical symbols part of Unicode:

  • This one showing the female symbol is still under construction: www.♀.com
  • The self-proclaimed “manliest domain on the internet” is for sale: www.♂.com
  • A page load error for heart-dot-com: www.♥.com
  • The eternal forces of yin-yang are for sale: www.☯.com
  • The right-facing swastika returns a page educating on the traditionally Hindu/ Buddhist/ good luck symbol: www.卐.com
  • The copyright character resolves to a parked page titled “protectyourbrand.com”: www.©.com
  • A smiley leads to the personal homepage of Daniel Früh from Switzerland: www.☺.com
  • The sun can’t be found: www.☼.com
  • A musical note leads to the personal homepage of… Daniel Früh again: www.♫.com
  • The omega character is the self-proclaimed Future Home of The Omega Project: www.Ω.com

source: http://blogoscoped.com/archive/2008-07-24-n24.html


  1. AWOC says:

    Cool article! I have another website to share. If you enter the paragraph ¶ symbol, it takes you to another random page in existence. I don’t know what kind of page it is, but you should check it out.

  2. AWOC says:

    This is a great article! I’ve typed some of these pages myself. I found the smiley on my own. It is very interesting how I found those dingbat sites on my own. These are very interesting examples of dingbat sites.

  3. AWOC says:

    I found the Daniel Früh site just typing a random symbol. I did it the easy way. I memorized a few of the unicode symbols and the smiley was one of them. A paragraph symbol was another. I just held down the Alt key and entered the numbers of the symbols on the numeric keypad. Try typing the paragraph symbol. It is another interesting site I found.

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