¡Hola! Sedo’s Spanish Domain Auction Starting Soon! Will it Have IDN’s?

Ay dios mio! I think it’s awesome Sedo is doing a Spanish only domain auction. I got into domaining in early 2004, aka ‘real late’. The first thing I noticed was English .com’s were just plain GONE. Anything I tried was taken, if I was going to make any money in this business I was going to have to focus on something other than the English .com route. So the very first thing that caught my eye was IDN’s, particularly Spanish IDN’s.

The Overture tool was still around and I was finding domain after domain with “ñ” available to register! With huge scores ‘with extension’! The general opinion of IDN’s at the time was not good, they confused people, they thought they were gimmicky, etc. And 5 years later alot of folks still think that way, but some of the big guys have caught on. Well after I regged a few and saw the traffic, I didn’t care about what the geniuses on the domain forums thought about them, I had found my first niche! For the first time I was making PPC revenue with my domains, and my category killer was diseño.com ‘design.com’ in Spanish. This domain was getting constant traffic and .60 clicks. It was making $5 – $10 a day some days and I was hooked.

In 2004 I was also basically broke and when I got a good offer on the domain through Sedo. Part of me wondered if IDN’s would ever have end users or just be designated to lives of reaping PPC, so considering I was a broke newbie, I jumped at the chance to sell it for 4 figures. This money bought my my first laptop and a whole lot more  IDN domains.

And .ES! Such a fantastic extension. I was so glad to be a domainer in time for that launch. I got some good stuff and owe the fact I’m able to live off my domain income completely to Spanish domains, COM and ES.

Now it’s 2009. In 2008 I sold 7 Spanish IDN’s, most through Sedo and reported at a total of almost $20k. Some of them were sold too cheaply maybe, but I sold them to help the cause, test the market, knowing that I still had a whole lot more IDN’s stored away.

I submitted some pretty decent generic TRAFFIC IDN’s for consideration into the Sedo auction, one of them in .ES. If they ever have a Spanish Adult auction, I’ve got some high traffic beauties I could put up. I’m hoping mine or at least someone elses awesome IDN’s get accepted into the Sedo auction, the exposure would be great for everyone with IDN’s in any language. I’m gonna go reg some now, PranaDot out!

source: http://pranadot.wordpress.com

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  1. Jaun Millalonco says:

    Just wanted to say great job with the blog, today is my first visit here and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts so far :)

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