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Registry Operator and Sponsoring Organization, Telnic Limited recently announced that subscribers to the new .tel service can now view and manage .tel domains in more than 11 languages online.

The .tel domains were made publicly available starting on March 24th all over the globe and since then almost 200,000 users have signed on for .tel domain addresses. This new launch makes the domain available in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese. Russian and Spanish, apart from the original English version – further extending its appeal to larger audience of domain users.

Ever since its launch, the .tel domain has found widespread acceptance from the public, cutting across borders. However, with the multi language support version being launched, the company hopes that any inconveniences faced by users due to unavailability of the domain in their native language will be ironed out and offer a more uninhibited enjoyment of the .tel domain experience.

Justin Hayward, Communications Director at Telnic Limited said, “Kebab shops in Algiers and dermatologists in New York through to hotels in Vietnam have all been happily using .tel domains, but we’re very pleased to be able to open the .tel domain up to many more people around the world. The .tel is a revolution in simplifying and lowering the cost of publishing on the internet under an individual’s own space and we want to remove as many barriers for as many people to take advantage of this as possible”.

The multi language functionalities of the new .tel domain have not been restricted to the control panel alone. All the associated user guides have also been suitably for enhanced understanding by subscribers. The user guides are accessible for the subscribers via the .tel registrants using the ICANN or the .tel service operators. Users can manipulate the existing settings on their .tel domain browsers to see the control panel and user guides in any of the 11 languages it currently supports.


  1. Yaw Ning says:

    How terribly exciting.

  2. Just a quick note to make it clear that we’re not yet offering IDN addresses – this is in our roadmap – but that .tel can be set up, managed and viewed in these languages and corresponding character sets.


    Justin Hayward
    Telnic Limited

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