Tina Dam: IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process

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Tina Dam
Sr. Director, IDNs
What is the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process
IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process

• Process to introduce a limited number of IDN ccTLDs, that
– are associated with ISO3166‐1 two‐letter codes
– are comprised of non‐Latin characters
– includes government and community support
– represent country/territory names
– ensures continued stable DNS operation

Who can participate in the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process
Requester Eligibility Requirements

• The entity functioning as requester can be:
– Identified IDN ccTLD manager
– Government/Public Authority
• of country/territory listed on ISO3166‐1 (or EC)
– Otherwise appointed entity
• If the requester is not the corresponding government or relevant public authority:
– letter of government support is required to be included in the request

Preparation Guidance

• The string must:
– be based on an official language (non‐Latin)
• ISO 639 (UN Manual) listed or Government document
– fulfill technical string criteria (IDNA and Guidelines)
• 2 char minimum
– be meaningful to country/territory name
• long or short version in UN manual
• if not in UN manual, documentation required
• can be acronym, usability issue with long strings
– be supported by local community

• IDN table(s)
• or reference existing table in IANA
• A‐label
– IDNA 2008 (revised version)
– new PVALID chars are allowed and may require some manual evaluation
• U‐label
• Unicode codepoints
• English translation of string

• Number of strings:
– one string per official language or script per country or territory
• Variant management:
– variant TLDs desired for delegation must be identified by the requesters
• will be placed on reserved list, allocated to the requester, but not inserted in the DNS root zone
• non‐desired variants will be placed on a blocked list
– Fast Track Process revision scheduled to allow for potential future allocation of variant TLDs.

How to submit an IDN ccTLD request

• Once all preparation is completed & all supporting material is ready:
– submit the request via online form
• terms and conditions
• contact details
• string details
• supporting material
• review and submit
– online form link to be announced
– manual for online form to be released


IDN ccTLD String Evaluation

1. Check request for completeness
• all material and support letters included
• from adequate government / public authority
2. Linguistic process check
• verification that processes has been followed for:
– official language
– meaningfulness of string
– community support for string
3. DNS stability evaluation
• technical criteria & confusability w/ existing strings

DNS Stability Panel

• Panel is coordinated by Interisle
• Panel will look at all strings received for:
– security, stability, and confusability
• existing TLDs, other FT strings, gTLD applied strings
• Panel can call additional experts as needed
• Panel can get linguistic support from ICANN
• ICANN will send strings to panel monthly
– evaluation expected in 30 days (may take less)

Finalizing String Evaluation

• Public posting of string and contacts
– DNS Stability Evaluation is succesfully passed
– monthly basis
• Requester is informed to initiate the TLD delegation
– via the IANA Function

Costs associated with an IDN ccTLD request
Cost overview for IDN ccTLDs

• Processing Fee
– 26.000 USD (or equivalent local currency)
– invoiced when request is received
• Annual Contribution Fee
– 1,2,3% of IDN ccTLD registration revenue
• Based on statement from IDN ccTLD manager
– payable in local currency
• Pre‐arranged and recommended
– fee waiver to be requested via contact to ICANN

IDN support from ICANN
IDN Support Function

• During Preparations:
– emails to idncctldrequest@icann.org
– at meetings/events or conference calls
• During String Evaluation
– no communication allowed
– inquiries directed to ‘request confirmation emails’
• During IANA delegation
– direct inquiries to IANA
• During launch as needed

Implementation Status  & What’s Next?
Implementation Status

• DNS Stability Panel formed
• Request System is ready
– online form for requests
– back‐end system to log evaluations
– manual for use of the Request System
• Online IDN area –pending release
• Linguistic processes
– under continued development based on experience and request for need

What’s Next?

• Community discussions throughout this week in Seoul, Korea
• ICANN Board consideration 30 Oct 2009
– launch is proposed: 16 November 2009
• Annually review and possible revision
– based on user experiences
• Experience will provide input to the long‐term IDN ccTLD PDP

Thank You
Tina Dam
Sr. Director, IDNs

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