First IDN ccTLDs now available

Today the first three production non-Latin top-level domains were placed in the DNS root zone. This means they are live! Here is one newly enabled domain with a functional website that works right now: وزارة-الأتصالات.مصر

If your software does not have full IDN support, this might not work exactly as expected. You may see a mangled string of letters and numbers, and perhaps some percent signs or a couple of “xn--”s mixed into the address bar. Or it may not work at all. What you should be seeing is something like the following:

Example of an IDN ccTLD in a web browser

It even works on a mobile phone:

Example of an IDN ccTLD on an iPhone

The three new top-level domains are السعودية. (“Al-Saudiah”), امارات. ( “Emarat”) and مصر. (“Misr”). All three are Arabic script domains, and will enable domain names written fully right-to-left. Expect more as we continue to process other applications using the “fast track” methodology.

ICANN staff are still finishing the processing of these domain’s delegations, but now that they are visible in the root zone it is fair to say these are mostly formalities. The remaining tasks include final technical verifications, updating the IANA WHOIS database and publishing the delegation reports.

Now the hard work happens in the countries which have their new IDN ccTLDs. They will now commence their own processes to launch the domains in a way that gives their communities access to put them to day-to-day use.

source: ICANN Blog


  1. Imran says:

    I would like to include my contribution to the recently announced activation of IDN.IDN ccTLD in the registry Root System of IANA.

    It is I, who proposed and convinced ICANN to remove the limitations of two letters’ abbreviation for proposed name script/string for a IDN ccTLD, that enabled all countries and territories of the world (who use non-Latin base script of their official language) to apply for a meaningful abbreviation or full name of the country as IDN ccTLD. Otherwise, it could be only وزارة-الاتصالات.مص with assigning two characters to Egypt for their Arabic IDN ccTLD as ”.مص” “Mis” instead of ”.مصر” “Misr”.
    Great thanks to Allah, who given me the chance and power to convince ICANN’s Workgroups to alter their policies & procedures that has become integral part of the recently implemented policies and IDN.IDN cc/gTLDs.
    My contributions includes efforts to convince ICANN’s Workgroup for the followings:
    1. To REMOVE the restriction and limitation of two Characters for new IDN ccTLD’s naming script. {So, finally IDN ccTLD Fast Track offers minimum 2 characters (U-Label) and up to 63 characters (A-Labels)}.
    2. New proposed IDN ccTLD’s naming script should be a meaningful word in their local Language. ({Meaningfulness has also become necessary for string evaluation criteria}
    3. For reduction of the cost of the new ccTLDs {which is now US$26,000 or even applicant can apply for waiver of this fee}.
    4. Start a Urdu Wiki with IDN naming script, it was opened in second round and on second level to Persian Wiki.
    5. Also another proposal is also accepted regarding gTLDs application fee to be charged in different rounds of evaluation to enablement (4 Rounds). The looser of one round will not be going to pay the cost of the next round.
    Conclusion: I have got global level achievement because 250+ Countries & Territories are the BENEFICIARY trough the acceptance of my above listed proposals for the preparation of new Layers of the Language base Internet.

    PROS: Egypt (Misr مصر), UAE (Emarat امارات) and Al-Saudiah السعودية did not have shorter meaningful abbreviations in their Native Languages (Arabic), so, they got benefit to obtain meaningful abbreviations for IDN ccTLD.

    CONS: However, in my own country, in Pakistan, Public (community) may lose the sharp and smart choice of appropriate IDN ccTLD i.e. “پاک.” (PAK). Instead of getting benefit of the option of removal of two characters limitation, Pakistan will be in huge loss by applying for a longer and full name script “پاکستان.” (PAKISTAN) in Urdu Language. Every user of this new mechanism will have to type 4 extra letters to browse پاکستان.IDN-URL” or to send email onto user@IDN.IDN (such as عمران۔شاہ@اردو۔پاکستان).

    Imran Ahmed Shah

    ICANNian (Alumni since ICANN 36th Seoul Meeting)
    Executive Member/Advisor:
    . Urdu Internet Council
    . Urdu Internet Society
    Group Leader of:
    . Websphere User Group of Pakistan
    . Pakistan Tivoli User Group
    . Pakistan Rational User Group

  2. Stan says:

    I am sorry I could not really understand the last part. Is dot pak the final extension for Pakistan or not?

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