Palestinian IDN Alive


PNINA announced the launching of Palestinian country code Top-Level-Domain in Arabic which known as (.falasteen). This has been accomplished after the ICANN completed technical check ups and register the new ccTLD domain servers on the global root DNS servers. It is possible now to reach the websites by using the pure Arabic domain names in Arabic characters such as

(موقع.هيئة-مسميات-الانترنت.فلسطين) أو (موقع.بنينا.فلسطين)

Mr. Marwan Radwan PNINA General Manager announced that lunching the name of Palestine in Arabic language realize the free Palestinian presence on the internet and achieve equality for Palestine as an independent state in the Cyberspace similar to other countries. It is an excellent opportunity to enhance the Palestinian and Arabic presence and increase the Arabic language content on the internet, he added.

Mr. Radwan explained that the registration of (.falasteen) has been announced after ICANN’s board of directors approval has been obtained on 15 August 2010; ICANN completed the technical check ups and registered the DNS’s on the root servers not only for Palestine but for other Arab countries such as Jordan and Tunisia.

Mr. Radwan said that PNINA has completed all the preparations for the launching of the new Palestinian Top level domain in Arabic including the related registration policies and procedures as well as pricing scheme and dispute resolution policies.

The registration will be opened in two stages, the first on 15 October 2010 for local and international organizations; companies and Trademarks holders to enable register their domain names in Arabic language through PNINA Certified Registrars this sunrise period will end on 30 November 2010.

The second stage will start on 1 January 2011 where the registration will be open for local and international individuals and institutions. Only applications with correct and complete information will be considered for registration. All applications will be processed on equal basis and according to the first-come-first-serve principle through PNINA registrars.

Mr. Radwan said that PNINA will publish the registration polices and procedures for the new Top Level domain on its official website on 15 September 2010

In this great event Mr. Radwan thanked all who have contributed in lunching the name of Palestine in Arabic language and realizing the free Palestinian presence on the internet specially the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology, PITA,ISOC, PICTA and all Palestinians everywhere.

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