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“.中国” Now Accessible From Outside China

CNNIC has yesterday announced that “.中国” country-code Top-Level-Domain is now ready and accessible from outside China. One example website is CNNIC’s URL in Chinese: http://中国互联网络信息中心.中国/ as well as 新浪.中国 IDN stands for Internationalised Domain Name, and refers to any domain names that contains non ASCII character. ICANN’s IDN ccTLD Fast track process aims to introduce country […]

Meet the next generation of country codes

So now that the media hype over internationalized domain names (IDNs) has died down, let’s focus on the messy details of what this all means. First of all, we’re not about to see the non-Latin equivalent of .com anytime soon. Certainly not next year. There are several reason for this which I will cover in […]

Coming in 2009:

The era of online domination by the Roman alphabet will come one step closer to its end next year when a new top-level domain for China, .中国, is deployed. Xinhua reports that ICANN expects the domain, which uses the two-character modern Chinese word for “China,” will be ready in …

Is China Preparing to Go its Own Way with its Own Internet Root?

Interesting things happening in China. An article in the English edition of the People’s Daily on line is headlined, Decimal network security address begins operation: “China’s decimal network security address was officially launched. China has made a fundamental breakthrough in its Internet development; and actual use has been successful. The birth of decimal network technology makes China the only country able to unify domain names, IP addresses and MAC addresses into the text of a metric system…” Someone asked whether this was a rumored IPv9? It appears IPv9 is a project name, not a new protocol. It lumps together several activities, including at least… More…