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Scamsters use URL spoofs to evade spam filters

In their never-ending pursuit to evade spam filters, malevolent mailers have deployed a number of techniques to obfuscate their true intent. One of those techniques is using facsimiles of legitimate brand names in Web addresses to redirect victims to outlaw Internet sites where the scammers can work their mischief on their targets, a practice called […]

Tina Dam: Compliance with IDN technical requirements

One of the main IDN related topics from the just-finished ICANN meeting in Cairo that I think deserves some additional attention was:
Why Compliance with IDN technical requirements are a necessity on a global scale
Overall compliance with technical standards are important for TLD registry operators in order to keep their TLD stable and secure and […]

ICANN: IDN Spoofing Concerns

Domain name spoofing works by exploiting the visual resemblance, or near- resemblance, of certain characters and symbols. ICANN is concerned about the potential exacerbation of domain name spoofing as IDNs become more widespread, and is equally concerned about the implementation of countermeasures that may unnecessarily restrict the use and availability of IDNs. ICANN’s public comment […]

Anti-phishing techniques – or how to defeat the purpose of IDNs

International Domain Names (IDNs) are attractive. They allow people to express themselves in the multitude of languages which this planet has to offer. However, they also allow scammers and phishers to trick you into believing a particular domain name is trustworthy, while it is a scam. The idea is that homoglyphs could be used by […]

Sedo Auctions Phishing Domains

I do recommend investing in IDNs – but only when appropriate. Appropriate means good commercial and similar terms in languages that use more than just English’s 26 letters of the alphabet. However, domains that are simply English words, replacing a vowel such as an “i” with an “ì” …