Archive for November 2005

Implementation of Internationalized Top Level Domains

As previously announced, IDN workshop will be held during the ICANN Vancouver meeting. Accordingly, ICANN is posting the candidate papers received in response to its earlier call for papers. The papers will be vetted for presentation by a technical panel being appointed by ICANN.

Formal Call for Papers Concerning Deployment of Internationalized Top Level Domains

ICANN has opened a discussion forum to enable interested parties to discuss implementation issues with introducing internationalized top level domains. This will be the main topic at the IDN Workshop during the ICANN Vancouver meeting, and documents concerning this topic are being posted here for review and discussion by all interested parties.

IDN Guidelines Version 2.0 Finalized

The Guidelines for Implementation of Internationalized Domain Names, version 2.0, is now posted as final following ICANN Board endorsement. The resolution from the ICANN Board contained additional directions and timelines for potentially reframing or revising the IDN Guidelines.

Final Proposed Draft IDN Guidelines Posted

The final proposed draft version 2.0 of the Guidelines for implementation of Internationalized Domain Names is now posted. The draft is currently pending endorsement from the ICANN Board. Additionally, an overview of the actions taken by the working group in response to the comments received on the initially proposed draft has been posted.