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How The Japanese Avoid Domain Names

Japanese find ways to navigate web even before IDNs.
In an article titled “Domain names? We don’t need no domain names”, IDG News Service writer Martyn Williams explains how the Japanese use the search box in lieu of domain names.
Instead of typing into their browsers, they search for Google at Yahoo.
On the Yahoo […]

URLs vs Queries in Japan

If you’re in Japan and look at the printed advertisements, you’ll notice the majority of companies that want you to follow up on the internet look the company up by searching for a キーワード kīwādo (“keyword”; Japanese-English for “search engine query”). The query will often be in a form input box, along with a mock […]

将来性が確かなものとなった国際化ドメイン(IDN) その1

詳細 ドメインといえば、英字、数字、ハイフン以外の文字は使用できないというのが一…

Japanese IDN was sold for $150,000

ZODIAC CAPITAL TO INITIATE A MAJOR GAMING PROJECT Sydney NSW, January 14, 2008 — Zodiac Capital Limited (ASX: ZOD) advises that it has entered into an agreement to acquire a controlling interest in the dot-com Japanese domain name for “gambling”, (“ギャンブル”, pronounced “Gyanburu”). ギャンブル .com is an IDN (International Domain Name) Internet portal and vertical […]

Interim Report on DNAME Technical Evaluation

Overview • Prepared DNS emulation environment locally – the environment includes: – Root DNS server, JP DNS server, “Nippon” DNS server, other authoritative DNS server and Cache DNS server • Evaluated the followings: (1) Functionality: Verification of name resolution of “Nippon” TLD (2) Performance: Measurement of impact on Root/JP/Cache DNS servers caused by name resolution […]

Japan Domain Market Demystified

by Darshaun Nadeau
Ever sat at one of the VeriSign “State of the domain” meetings at any of the ICANN meetings? Or read their reports about countries with the greatest opportunity in domains? Almost without question you will learn that Japan is earmarked as the country with the greatest opportunity for growth in the domain […]

Latest JPRS reports on IDN ccTLD

JPRS posted these reports on their homepage. Apparently they haven’t decided anything about the way to introduce new IDN ccTLD. They say there are 3 options. a) Give .jp registrants .日本, too; b) Issue .日本 separately; and c)  Alias .jp to .日本. The reports argue pros and cos of each option.  It also […]

The Argument For IDN’s

Sahar points out an interesting article regarding Japanese advertisements for web sites. The print ads actually show a search box with the web site as the search term.
Search is the most popular form of website navigation in Japan and other non-ASCII domain markets. However, it is not ideal, because at any time the search rules […]