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Москва.com IDN sold for $216000

DNJournal recorded the Largest IDN deal for Москва.com (“Moscow” in Russian) which was completed in July 2011 when the final installment on a $216,000 purchase price was paid. That is the highest verified sale price reported to date for an IDN. The deal was originally subject to a  confidentiality agreement but Gary Males at […]

IDN Sales Nov 2009

Few IDN Sales (above $1000) which gone public in November 2009 Kö.de $7,950 / Sedo Ö $3,675 / Sedo もしもし.com $3,188 Hello in Japanese / Afternic 高崎.com $2,904 Takasaki Geo Japanese / Afternic Küchengerä $2,693 Kitchen Appliances in German / Sedo вода.com $2,000 Water in Rusian /  IDNNewsletter mö $1,650 Furniture-profit in German / Sedo […] at Sedo Auction

Today Sedo will start an exclusive auction of more than 6000 .EU domain names that contain special characters.  These domains have only been available on the market since yesterday – therefore demand is very high! The auction is divided into five categories according to language. German Domains Spanish Domains French Domains Polish Domains Other languages […]

Españ, en Sedo

Hoy Javier Florentín (Dueñ me ha avisado por Facebook de que uno de sus dominios está siendo subastado en Sedo (la subasta finaliza el 15 de julio).
He pensado que tal vez sería interesante escribir este post porque me parece que hace ya un tiempo que no comentamos mucho sobre dominios .info y, en este caso […]

40 IDNs sold on Rick Latona Auctions Live

4 June 2009 10:00 AM Eastern 40 IDN’s sells as package for 8000 EUR on Rick Latona Auctions. Sale include russian,,; arabic,; hebrew, full list: páginasmó Spanish telé Spanish tonosmó Spanish лотерея.com Russian азия.com Russian рубль.com Russian […]

25 IDNs sold on Afternic for $875 each

IDN Sales reported by Afternic for last 10 days: سكس.com $875 ビタミン.com $875 télé $875 银.com $875 自行车.com $875 北九州市.com $875 健康食品.com $875 漆.com $875 热.com $875 船.com $875 电子邮件.com $875 武.com $875 尻.com $875 секс.net $875 харьков.com $875 sueñ $875 ドレス.com $875 سكس.net $875 беларусь.com $875 塑料.com $875 生命.com $875 出口.com $875 包.com $875 […]