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Policy Issues relating to IDN at the top-level – Preliminary Issues Report

On request from the GNSO Council, ICANN staff has prepared a preliminary Issues Report that sets out policy issues involved with the proposed introduction of IDNs into the root zone of the DNS. The GNSO Council has followed the report’s recommendation to establish a joint working group in coordination with the ccNSO to analyze, prioritize, and select issues for further policy development. Comments on the report can be posted to and viewed at

Timetable of Proposed Testing of IDNS in Top-Level Domains Announced

ICANN released today a statement outlining a proposal by the President’s Committee on IDNs (co-chaired by Hualin Qian, Mouhamet Diop and Paul Twomey) for a timetable leading to the technical testing of IDNs at the TLD level. The timetable contains a series of consultations and collaborations to ensure that the testing, when launched, will preserve DNS stability and security. It does not purport to be a presumption on any related policy issues which are in the perview of the ICANN policy bodies. The timetable calls for the start of testing in July 2006.