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VeriSign’s Plans for “.Com IDNs” Become Clearer

Registrants of existing .com domain names are well positioned for coming release of IDN TLDs. For years, domainers have been investing in Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) that use non-Latin characters. But these have all been IDN at the second level only, as there currently aren’t any top level domain names in non-Latin characters. So an […]

Tina Dam: IDN TLDs pre-registrations, declined requests, etc

IDN TLDs: pre-registrations, declined requests, and other misconceptions Recent statements and speculations have been made concerning the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process and related issues. People seem to be most concerned about: • ICANN denying some countries/territories access to the Fast Track Process • ICANN approving IDN ccTLDs • The notion of pre-registrations in new […]

Consider Planning Now for Internationalized Top-Level Domains

By now, most companies have begun the process to understand how the introduction of new gTLDs (Generic Top-Level Domains) will impact their respective businesses. Some companies are considering submitting applications to operate their own branded gTLDs. Many others are focused on how to address the anticipated launch of new gTLDs defensively, in terms of application […]

VeriSign IDN Industry Brief

The latest VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief also spotlights how VeriSign and others in the global Internet community are working to provide a way for people of all languages to navigate the Internet. The issue is important, because Internet usage is growing fastest in countries where English and other Latin-based languages are not the primary […]

Microsoft, Time Warner, Others Weigh In On New TLDs

A quick synopsis of public comments about new top level domains.
The deadline to comment on the latest revisions of ICANN’s plan for introducing new top level domains was Monday. As is usually the case, the big companies waited until the last minute to file their comments. The general consensus is:
1. We don’t like […]

Tina Dam: Compliance with IDN technical requirements

One of the main IDN related topics from the just-finished ICANN meeting in Cairo that I think deserves some additional attention was:
Why Compliance with IDN technical requirements are a necessity on a global scale
Overall compliance with technical standards are important for TLD registry operators in order to keep their TLD stable and secure and […]

ICANN: IDN TLD Allocation Implementation Processes

Following the progress on the IDN TLD allocation processes during the ICANN meeting in Paris a new area has been made available to describe IDN policy development and IDN ccTLD allocation developments under ICANN’s IDN Area: At the Paris meeting, the Board approved both of the processes described below for implementation. In relation to […]

Thoughts on ICANN’s ‘Open’ Domain Namespace

I recently did a brief interview with Tom Sullivan of Fox Business News on the topic of ICANN’s recent move to open up the namespace and create a large number of new top-level domains. I’ve been somewhat distracted by personal endeavours for the past month, so the interview gave me the opportunity to really think […]

Conor Neu: New Domain Extensions Help Clarify the Future of the Internet

A new wave of domain extensions will be hitting the market in the years to come.  ICANN approved the sale and listing of new “vTLD’s”, as coined by David Castello for “Vanity Top Level Domains”.
The initial expectation for the market is the creation of geo TLD’s, such as .paris, .chicago, .nyc, etc.  Expense is a bit […]

Main IDN User Question

One of the main IDN questions asked by end-users in the last few months, and that have been discussed during the ICANN Paris meeting in the recent week is as follows:
“If I have registered <domainname>.tld, then how will you ensure that I am also the registrant of <domainname>.<idn-tld>, for all languages.”
The question shows that […]