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Update: IDN .test Root-Zone Evaluation

Updated IDN .test Evaluation Plan

Update: IDN .test Root-Zone Evaluation 23 August 2007 Update ICANN today finalized the IDN .test Evaluation Plan and continued taking steps toward insertion of IDN strings in the root zone. Recent changes to the plan are based on comments received on the IDN public forum and also from consultations with ICANN Technical Advisory Committees. This […]

Procedures for IDN TLD Evaluation Deployment in the Root Zone

ICANN has finalized the procedures describing how IANA will manage the insertion, administration and removal of internationalized top- level domains in the root zone for the upcoming evaluation. The procedures were posted previously for public comments. That comment, as well as advice from the technical community (including RSSAC), was taken into consideration in editing the […]

IANA Report on Delegation of Eleven Evaluative Internationalised Top-Level Domains

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) function of ICANN, as part of the administrative tasks associated with management of the Domain Name System root zone, is responsible for receiving requests for the delegation and redelegation of top-level domains, investigating and reporting on the circumstances pertinent to those requests, and, when appropriate, implementing the delegation changes. […]