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¡Hola! Sedo’s Spanish Domain Auction Starting Soon! Will it Have IDN’s?

Ay dios mio! I think it’s awesome Sedo is doing a Spanish only domain auction. I got into domaining in early 2004, aka ‘real late’. The first thing I noticed was English .com’s were just plain GONE. Anything I tried was taken, if I was going to make any money in this business I was […]

Steven Morales: Understanding IDN Traffic

Yesterday, Dominik Mueller discussed this topic and released some traffic stats from one of his readers.  I have been wanting to discuss this subject for sometime now.  I do not not know much about IDNs and was hoping for readers to share some insight on these.  I have no doubt in my mind that IDNs receive type-in traffic […]

Dominik Mueller: Follow-Up: IDN Traffic

Quick follow-up on my post about IDNs from few days ago:
In the post I wrote that IDNs have not performed all-too well traffic-wise, in my experience. However, I asked a fellow German domainer, Nico Zeifang, who owns some high-value IDNs, for his opinion on this topic. He was so kind to share his experiences and some traffic numbers in the post’s comments […]