IDN wiki – adding Urdu and Thai

As you may know by now ICANN has launched an IDN wiki, with fully localized addresses, which is managed by a GREAT wiki team (consultants to ICANN) and a GREAT group of moderators that have volunteered to assist is supporting the various languages that the wiki currently is enabled in.

Is it possible to add new languages, and since we last announced this possibility ( ) we received requests for a few more.

For that reason ICANN announced yesterday that two additional languages have been added: Urdu and Thai. see the full announcement here ( ), or go straight to the wiki via or via one of the new access points:

Thai is internationalized on the fourth level and can be accessed via the following links:


Urdu uses the same script as Persian and can therefore also be accessed through the Persian .test TLD.




Clicking on the language names, or copying and pasting the Web addresses into the address line of a browser will lead to the new areas.

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