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.NZ: Internationalised Domains Names – Second Consultation

Previously, comment has been sought on potential issues associated with the implementation of IDNs in .nz, along with any other issues that the IDN working group (WG) should consider. (Submissions received can be viewed here A meeting of the IDN WG was held on the 18th of February to discuss the submissions we received. […]

Internationalised Domain Names (IDN) in .nz – Consultation

Currently, domain names in the .nz space only allow the 26 basic English (Latin) alphabet characters a-z, digits and the ‘-‘ hyphen. The Māori alphabet has an additional five characters, the macronised vowels ā, ē, ī, ō, and ū, which are currently not allowed in .nz domain names. Some countries are beginning to implement Internationalised […]