The Argument For IDN’s

Japan Search

Sahar points out an interesting article regarding Japanese advertisements for web sites. The print ads actually show a search box with the web site as the search term.

Search is the most popular form of website navigation in Japan and other non-ASCII domain markets. However, it is not ideal, because at any time the search rules could change and their results may not be the top result for that search. This is why Japanese (and other) companies need to move toward IDN’s for their domains.

Japan Search

As I commented on Sahar’s blog:

“The companies cannot control their search engine ranking, yet they result to directing to search results because their customers struggle with ASCII domains.

IDN’s are the solution. However they will not take over until JP-Domains or someone relevant goes on a mass IDN marketing tour throughout Japan. Until then, Japan, and the rest of the non-ASCII world will lag in direct site navigation efficiency.”

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