IDN and gTLD introductory sessions video

During the Cairo meeting in, ICANN together with produced a number of videos covering the main sessions and topics, with each video fronted by a member of either the staff or a chair of the relevant supporting organization or advisory committee.

You can find all of those videos posted on the Cairo site at, and we also post ICANN videos on the main site under the main tab “Videos”.

This video features two of ICANN’s project managers – Tina Dam and IDNs, and Karla Valente and new gTLDs – talking about the sessions they were due to run on the first day of the conference where introductions were given to their two topic areas.

Below is a transcript of the video and off to the right is the video itself.

* and ICANN Present

* ICANN CAIRO Egypt November 2008

* Introduction to New gTLDs & IDNs (Sunday 2 November 2008)

* Hi. My name is Tina Dam. I am the IDN Program Director at ICANN.

* Hi. I’m Karla Valente and I am the Director of the New gTLDs Program.

* So we are in Cairo and its Sunday and there is a lot of IDN stuff going on. We have actually had IDN gTLDs in the room for a year

* and look at all of the activities that are going on.

* We just recently posted New gTLDs Applicant guidebook, so if you go to the ICANN website,

* you will be able to find the guidebook, download, and learn everything about new gTLDs if you want to be an applicant.

* And you can have IDNs as gTLDs as Karla talked about or you can have IDNs as ccTLDs, and there is a ccTLD program available as well.

* And that’s online also.

* And right now the guidebook is open for public comments, and this is a very important step in the ICANN process.

* We are going to be looking at the feedback and continue developing until we reach the final version.

* The final version should be published sometime in Q2 next year and we expect all the applications for gTLDs to be ready Q3 next year.

* So we encourage you to participate. We want to hear from you.

* You can take a look at all of the sessions today and tomorrow. There’s going to be multiple sessions on IDNs and ccTLDs.

* Different sessions that we have today and tomorrow are going to be in English and in Arabic.

* The session today is an introductory session for someone who has never heard of new gTLDs.

* Tomorrow we are going to cover the applicant guidebook, talk about the structure, what to do with it, how to read it and so on.

* A lot of this is about policies, but there’s a lot of technical stuff to.

* One thing that Karla and I worked together on is making sure that IDN gTLDs and IDN ccTLDs technically are working

* and are validated in the same way. So if you want to apply for an IDN string, it has work in the same way.

* First of all, thank you for all the work you have done to help us make these implementations and all this work available.

* And we’ll see you next time. Karla is going to say this in Arabic…[laughs]

* We are looking forward to hearing from you, either through the public comments or maybe the next ICANN meeting.

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