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Investors in Foreign Domain Names Quickly Multiply

Seeking Next Treasured .com Name Overseas NEW YORK, New York, January 11, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Domain name investors, having exhausted most of the possibilities in the U.S. are now heading overseas to stake their claims to as-yet unused domain categories. And language is not a barrier. With the Internet a truly global tool, not only […]

How To Sell A Premium Domain Name

As you know, I have a small portfolio of premium domain names, specifically IDNs (get my free ebook here: IDN on Steroids).
Now, for personal reasons, I want to sell this portfolio rather than hold it for the long term.
So how do you sell premium domains, especially during the global economic crisis?
One way is forums. All […]

IDN Sales Report – October 2008

IDN Sales Report Sept. 1, 2008 – Sept. 30, 2008 All sales are over 500 USD IDN punycode language translation price where 1 ギャンブル.com xn--ock3dqb7a0b gambling japanese 150 000 private 2 direktflü xn--direktflge-heb direct flights german 5 500 sedo 3 ростов.com xn--b1axaggg Rostov russian 4 444 idnforums 4 卫浴.cn xn--rlru91d bathroom vanities chinese 3 126 […]

IDN Sales Report – September 2008

IDN Sales Report Sept. 1, 2008 – Sept. 30, 2008 All sales are over 500 USD IDN punycode language translation price* where 1 сочи.com xn--h1aliz russian Sochi 21 555 idnchannel 2 沙发.com xn--oorp09c chinese sofa 9 000 private 3 株マップ.com xn--9ckxbt7377c japanese stock map 8 000 private 4 网.cn xn--ur0a chinese network 7 034 […]

Moniker To Auction Geo Domains In Paris will be hosting a geo domain auction in Paris in June. They recently sent out an auction alert thru their newsletter. The geo domain industry is maturing and the international market is exactly where the fire needs to be ignited. continues to educate business owners and investors on the importance of a great […]

Explosive Internet Market in China Captured via IDNoptions Collaboration with Monster Venture Partners

IDNoptions, LLC (, a leader in International Domain Name (IDN) acquisition, announced today an investment and strategic partnership with Monster Venture Partners (MVP), LLC and Domain Strategies, Inc. to expand and develop an industry-leading portfolio of IDNs and to build businesses on those domains.

Dominik Mueller: Follow-Up: IDN Traffic

Quick follow-up on my post about IDNs from few days ago:
In the post I wrote that IDNs have not performed all-too well traffic-wise, in my experience. However, I asked a fellow German domainer, Nico Zeifang, who owns some high-value IDNs, for his opinion on this topic. He was so kind to share his experiences and some traffic numbers in the post’s comments […]

Stock Beats Sex

In 2007, the word “stock” beat out the word “sex” for the top search term for Google China. Amazingly, so did two other company names, China Merchants Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, both hot IPO A-share stocks from last year. There is an intense battle going on in the Chinese economy for growth. From […]