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Google Registers 18 IDN Domains

National Business Daily reported:  18 domain names registered by Internet giant which included、、、、、、、、、、、、、、、、、youtube. 中国 .中国 is the Chinese IDN ccTLD. The well-known IT commentator Cao Yueping says 18 domain registrations is a signal that China is still remains as a key market for Google. China Mobile Internet Industry Alliance Secretary-General Lee Yi […]

“.中国” Now Accessible From Outside China

CNNIC has yesterday announced that “.中国” country-code Top-Level-Domain is now ready and accessible from outside China. One example website is CNNIC’s URL in Chinese: http://中国互联网络信息中心.中国/ as well as 新浪.中国 IDN stands for Internationalised Domain Name, and refers to any domain names that contains non ASCII character. ICANN’s IDN ccTLD Fast track process aims to introduce country […]

China, Hong Kong, Palestine, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia requests for an IDN ccTLD has been passed

China requested two Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) country code top-level domain (ccTLD) strings through ICANN’s IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process. China xn--fiqs8S , 中国 xn--fiqz9S , 中國 Hong Kong xn--j6w193g 香港 Palestinian Territory xn--ygbi2ammx فلسطين Qatar xn--wgbl6a قطر Sri Lanka xn--fzc2c9e2c ලංකා xn--xkc2al3hye2a இலங்கை Taiwan xn--kpry57d 台灣 xn--kprw13d 台湾 xn--nnx388a 臺灣 Thailand xn--o3cw4h ไทย Tunisia […]

China to apply for .中国 ‘Zhongguo’ domain name

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) today will apply for the top-level Chinese domain name “Zhongguo”(written in pinyin), to key Internet oversight agency the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), reported. Global netizens may be able to log on to the Internet with the new domain at the beginning of next year […]

ICANN Gives Green Light To .中国, .рф, .إمارات , But No Timeline For New Top-Level Domains

The board of directors of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) this week opened up the root zone for non-Latin country-code top level domains (internationalised or IDN ccTLDs). Starting 16 November, ICANN will accept applications for ccTLDs in Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese, Korean or Arabic characters. In addition to the Chinese ccTLD .cn […]

Francis Simisim: Why .CN Domain Names’ values will fall slightly, IDN on the rise

Have you invested in .CN Domain Names? Right now, it does seem like it’s a sound and a valuable piece of internet real estate (with 338 million internet users) but situations have changed. The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has recently announced that China Language Domain Names (.中国) will soon be possible… … The […]

.中国 domain names to open for application next year

China has acquired the operation capabilities of “.中国” (“Chinese for China”) domain names, a leader at Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) said in Beijing recently. Starting from 2009, “.中国” domain names will appear on the Internet, which means email addresses in Chinese, for example, “×××@×××.中国”, can be used. The previous requirement of […]

Coming in 2009:

The era of online domination by the Roman alphabet will come one step closer to its end next year when a new top-level domain for China, .中国, is deployed. Xinhua reports that ICANN expects the domain, which uses the two-character modern Chinese word for “China,” will be ready in …

Conor Neu: ICANN Scheme Strictly for IDN’s?

What if this whole situation proposed by ICANN to allow a larger variety of sites is merely a scheme to make it easier for them to move towards IDN.IDN?
The new decision is to “allow any combination of letters and numbers, including non-latin characters.”  While, I am sure ICANN was considering the geo-extensions when discussing the […]

Shanghai Daily: Chinese characters coming soon to Internet domain names

THE Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has agreed that “.中国”, meaning China, can officially begin use as a domain name next year, Jiefang Daily reported. The China Internet Network Information Center made the announcement on Tuesday, saying it will provide a more convenient method for netizens who only use Chinese to surf the […]