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Verisign’s IDN Implementation Plans

The composition of the Internet’s population has seen a dramatic shift over the last two decades. In 1996, the majority of end users were based in the U.S.; according to a 2012 Comscore report, the non-English speaking Internet population has grown to 87 percent, with more than 40 percent based in the Asia-Pacific region. In […]

Conor Neu: ICANN Scheme Strictly for IDN’s?

What if this whole situation proposed by ICANN to allow a larger variety of sites is merely a scheme to make it easier for them to move towards IDN.IDN?
The new decision is to “allow any combination of letters and numbers, including non-latin characters.”  While, I am sure ICANN was considering the geo-extensions when discussing the […]

Proposed Criteria for the New .IDN TLD allocation

It is necessary to discovered that what kind of planning is going to be formed for the issuance of new TLDs (IDN.IDN, .IDN, gTLD, ccTLD)?

Which of the following basis or criteria is proposed:

1. “first come first serve” or
2. “intellectual property rights only” or
3. “by offering to existing registrars of other TLDs before allowing to Public?”
4. “by keeping in view to maintain Internet with through monopolists?”
5. “to selected companies assigned or authorized by regional government”

ICANN authorities comments and public response is requested.

Imran Ahmed Shah

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Why is seemingly kept a secret?

ICANN always speaks about IDNs as if they are something off into the future. Of course what they refer to is the idn.idn (unicode.unicode), have been registered by Verisign since 2000′, and are functioning on the internet and in use today. Now that IE7 is out, all computers running that can resolve

I an curious why with all the recent IDN publicity, idn.idn tests etc. it is NEVER mentioned by ICANN or Tina Dam, Head of IDN program that,,, etc. etc. are online and resolving fine on the internet today?

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ICANN: Successful Evaluations of .test IDN TLDs

In October 2006, ICANN engaged Autonomica AB of Stockholm, Sweden, to develop, conduct, and report on the results of laboratory testing of internationalized top-level domains in a setting corresponding to the public root. On

Stock Beats Sex

In 2007, the word “stock” beat out the word “sex” for the top search term for Google China. Amazingly, so did two other company names, China Merchants Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, both hot IPO A-share stocks from last year. There is an intense battle going on in the Chinese economy for growth. From […]

My Name, My Language, My Internet: IDN Test Goes Live

MARINA DEL REY, Calif.: Internet users around the globe can now experiment with their name in their language on their Internet with today’s launch of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers live testing of Internationalized Domain Names in 11 languages. “This is one of the most exciting times yet in the development of […]