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UAE introduces Arabic domain names

The United Arab Emirates will now allow Arabic domain names for websites, which was previously restricted to using only English characters. The proposal was put across by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority as part of a national strategy to manage Arabic language on the internet. It was officially approved by the Ministerial Council for Services yesterday […] in arabic on the next year?

Dubai: The UAE is set to become the first country worldwide to offer complete internet domain names in a language other than English by late next year. Currently, efforts to this end by some countries, like in China, have achieved only partial success since the .com part of the URL (uniform resource locator) must still […]

Can Non-Western Language Internet Addresses Solve The Digital Divide? The Case Of Arabic Language

By Wagdy Sawahel for Intellectual Property Watch
Arab information technology experts have welcomed a recent development in internet governance that could allow the use of Arabic script website addresses, saying it will help to protect Arabic culture, remove the language barrier and reduce the digital and knowledge gap between the Arab …