40 IDNs sold on Rick Latona Auctions Live


4 June 2009 10:00 AM Eastern

40 IDN’s sells as package for 8000 EUR on Rick Latona Auctions. Sale include russian asia.com, lottery.com russia.net, music.net; arabic oil.com, egypt.net; hebrew business.com, search.com

full list:

páginasmóviles.com Spanish mobilepages.com xn--pginasmviles-cbb2x.com
teléfonosgratis.com Spanish freephones.com xn--telfonosgratis-dkb.com
tonosmóviles.com Spanish mobiletones.com xn--tonosmviles-veb.com
лотерея.com Russian lottery.com xn--e1aaqmlk8g.com
азия.com Russian asia.com xn--80aod6g.com
рубль.com Russian ruble.com xn--90aunm1c.com
музыка.net Russian music.net xn--80anjg9azc.net
россия.net Russian Russia.net xn--h1alffa9f.net
نفط.com Arabic oil.com xn--2gbto.com
مصر.net Arabic egypt.net xn--wgbh1c.net
شبكة.net Arabic network.net xn--ngbc5azd.net
أخبار.net Arabic america.net xn--igbicxr.net
الامارات.net Arabic emirates.net/uae.net xn--mgbaaap4b0ij.net
רשת.com Hebrew net.com/network.com xn--tebcd.com
עסקי.com Hebrew business.com xn--eebpcv.com
תוכנות.com Hebrew software.com xn--9dbaru1ce.com
חפש.com Hebrew search.com xn--ceb0ap.com
משחק.com Hebrew game.com xn--cebn2ag.com
бесплатнаямузыка.com Russian freemusic.com xn--80aaabuovelitxqr5jqc.com
онлайнфильмы.com Russian onlinemovies.com xn--80aqcgdgbde9d3dk.com
diseñopaginasweb.com Spanish designwebpages.com xn--diseopaginasweb-1qb.com
bajarmúsicagratis.com Spanish downloadfreemusic.com xn--bajarmsicagratis-pyb.com
educaciónenlínea.com Spanish educationonline.com xn--educacinenlnea-bmb5g.com
educaciónadistancia.com Spanish distanceeducation.com xn--educacinadistancia-w1b.com
melodíasmóvilesgratis.com Spanish freecellringtones.com xn--melodasmvilesgratis-p1b3k.com
diseñosdecasas.com Spanish houseplans.com xn--diseosdecasas-lkb.com
tipología.com tipología.com xn--tipologa-i2a.com
juegosdefútbol.com Spanish soccergames.com xn--juegosdeftbol-cob.com
juegosdeacción.com Spanish actiongames.com xn--juegosdeaccin-mlb.com
remuneración.com Spanish compensation.com xn--remuneracin-zeb.com
remuneracióndelostrabajadores.com Spanish workerscompensation.com xn--remuneracindelostrabajadores-uzc.com
ortopédica.com Spanish orthopedic.com xn--ortopdica-f4a.com
inspección.com Spanish inspection.com xn--inspeccin-d7a.com
boletosaéreos.com Spanish airtickets.com xn--boletosareos-ieb.com
turísticas.com Spanish touristsites.com xn--tursticas-i5a.com
genéricas.com Spanish generics.com xn--genricas-d1a.com
pérdidadepeso.com Spanish weightloss.com xn--prdidadepeso-beb.com
exhibición.com Spanish exhibition.com xn--exhibicin-d7a.com
mercancías.com Spanish merchandise xn--mercancas-m5a.com
tonosparamóviles.com Spanish phonetones.com xn--tonosparamviles-4rb.com


  1. Great article. I am brokering about 50 premium Japanese IDN’s, and one of them is ERO.jp. That gives you an idea of the rest of the group value.

    IDN’s are catching fire right now, the Korean IDN for “soccer” just sold for over $8,100.

    If u are interested in seeing the list of premium Japanese IDN’s, feel free to contact me and give me any advice, or your opinion on the IDN market space. I think it is going to explode soon, and IDN investors are going to see amazing returns in the near future.

    Thanks for your help and advice. my email: successclick [at] g m a i l.com

  2. Steve says:

    Hoping to see the .in and idn.cn market pick up. Huge markets, it would have been nice to see more of them listed at this show. Great effort by Rick Latona promoting the industry.

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