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Today Sedo will start an exclusive auction of more than 6000 .EU domain names that contain special characters.  These domains have only been available on the market since yesterday – therefore demand is very high! The auction is divided into five categories according to language. German Domains Spanish Domains French Domains Polish Domains Other languages […]

Españ, en Sedo

Hoy Javier Florentín (Dueñ me ha avisado por Facebook de que uno de sus dominios está siendo subastado en Sedo (la subasta finaliza el 15 de julio).
He pensado que tal vez sería interesante escribir este post porque me parece que hace ya un tiempo que no comentamos mucho sobre dominios .info y, en este caso […]

¡Hola! Sedo’s Spanish Domain Auction Starting Soon! Will it Have IDN’s?

Ay dios mio! I think it’s awesome Sedo is doing a Spanish only domain auction. I got into domaining in early 2004, aka ‘real late’. The first thing I noticed was English .com’s were just plain GONE. Anything I tried was taken, if I was going to make any money in this business I was […]

SEDO: New Opportunities with Internationalized Domain Names

After nearly a decade of planning, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has stepped up By Keith White, Customer Relations and Support Specialist After nearly a decade of planning, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has stepped up to announce that fully internationalized domain names (IDNs) are slated to […]

Sedo Auctions Phishing Domains

I do recommend investing in IDNs – but only when appropriate. Appropriate means good commercial and similar terms in languages that use more than just English’s 26 letters of the alphabet. However, domains that are simply English words, replacing a vowel such as an “i” with an “ì” …