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IDN Guideline Revision Update

The members of the TLD registries working group for the revision of the IDN Guidelines wish to express their gratitude to all of the individuals and organizations who submitted comments to the public forum on the draft text. ICANN has posted a formal thank you note along with a description of the IDN process. While the changes to the guidelines will be based on the commentary that has already been received, the discussion forum for IDN guideline issues has been re-opened to enable the continued discussion of IDN issues. The archive of the forum is available at and comments should be submitted to

Draft Revised IDN Guidelines

The French version of the draft revised Guidelines for the Implementation of Internationalized Domain Names (“IDN Guidelines”) is now posted. Comment period to this draft has been extended to 23 October 2005, 23:00 UTC.

Draft Revised IDN Guidelines: Public Comment Period

ICANN has opened a 30-day public comment period on a draft revised version of the Guidelines for the Implementation of Internationalized Domain Names (“IDN Guidelines”). This draft reflects the experiences of the IDN registries in the implementation of Version 1.0 of the guidelines. Particular attention has been paid to concerns that have arisen about the deceptive use of visually confusable characters from different scripts in individual IDN labels.