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RFC on EAI Co-Authored by JPRS Engineers Was Published

Contributing to the Standardization Activity of the E-mail Address Internationalization On 31 March 2009, an RFC which specifies a standard for E-mail Address Internationalization (EAI) and was co-authored by two (2) engineers of JPRS was published. This means that EAI is prepared for the field tests toward the actual utilization. An e-mail address is described […]

Interim Report on DNAME Technical Evaluation

Overview • Prepared DNS emulation environment locally – the environment includes: – Root DNS server, JP DNS server, “Nippon” DNS server, other authoritative DNS server and Cache DNS server • Evaluated the followings: (1) Functionality: Verification of name resolution of “Nippon” TLD (2) Performance: Measurement of impact on Root/JP/Cache DNS servers caused by name resolution […]

Japan Domain Market Demystified

by Darshaun Nadeau
Ever sat at one of the VeriSign “State of the domain” meetings at any of the ICANN meetings? Or read their reports about countries with the greatest opportunity in domains? Almost without question you will learn that Japan is earmarked as the country with the greatest opportunity for growth in the domain […]

Latest JPRS reports on IDN ccTLD

JPRS posted these reports on their homepage. Apparently they haven’t decided anything about the way to introduce new IDN ccTLD. They say there are 3 options. a) Give .jp registrants .日本, too; b) Issue .日本 separately; and c)  Alias .jp to .日本. The reports argue pros and cos of each option.  It also […]