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The Complete Guide to IDNs (International Domain Names)

Just a quick note before I tell you about the IDN guide… I just got over a terrible case of the flu. Maybe it was all that rain in Hollywood? Anyway, I am back from my extended break and ready to get the DotSauce gears turning as before.
I must admit, I […]

Chris Smith: Free Book – IDN On Steroids – A Guide To Internationalized Domain Names

Do you know what IDNs are?
IDNs are “Internationalized Domain Names”. All domain names are spelled in English but to us speakers of the English language (many of us native and our only language), it never occurs to us that the rest of the world is essentially typing their domains in a language different to the […]

How to Get Started with IDNs – 14 Tips, Techniques and Resources

How does becoming wealthier than Frank Schilling sound? Schilling, the most successful individual domainer in the world, has a portfolio of about 300,000 names, estimated revenue of $20 million dollars per year, and has received several 9-figures offers for his portfolio. Yet according to long-time IDN investor and …

A Dose of Vitamins I, D, and N

I’ll be quite honest with you – this post took some courage to write.  It’s a topic that is hotly contested as of recent. Peruse a domain forum where somebody mentions the acronym ‘IDN’ and you are sure to find people choosing sides. Some of the discussions get ugly quick. I am not sure why, […]