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Conor Neu: New Domain Extensions Help Clarify the Future of the Internet

A new wave of domain extensions will be hitting the market in the years to come.  ICANN approved the sale and listing of new “vTLD’s”, as coined by David Castello for “Vanity Top Level Domains”.
The initial expectation for the market is the creation of geo TLD’s, such as .paris, .chicago, .nyc, etc.  Expense is a bit […]

IDNC WG – Final Report on IDN ccTLD Fast Track & Public Comments

With the reference of Draft Final Report for IDN ccTLDs Fast Track, IDNC WG obtained Public Comments up to 23rd June 08 and posted on url

Along with others, I also have participated to submit some comments which were posted on the forum (as email archive).

Report was finalized uploaded on 26th June 08 for public

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Main IDN User Question

Now Available: Board Proposal IDNC WG, the Final Report IDNC WG on Fast Track Process for IDN ccTLDs

Bloxx Backs Future Proofing of Internet

However, Security Expert Warns That Land Grab for New Domains Will Make It Impossible For Conventional Web Filters to Keep Up With Predicted Growth of the Web Bloxx, the enterprise web filtering specialist, today welcomed the recommendations announced by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to extend the currently available top level domains (IDN ccTLDs)[1]. The move would, along with the longer IP addresses available under IPv6, protect the Internet for all…

£.com To Be Auctioned Off Today

Richard Haigh, a businessman who bought the domain name www.£.com for £20 nine years ago is hoping to auction it for more than £1million today.
Today, on 26th June 2008, at the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, Great Britain’s “pound domain” (£.com) will, along with associated property, be auctioned for sale as part of the IP Business […]

Main IDN User Question

One of the main IDN questions asked by end-users in the last few months, and that have been discussed during the ICANN Paris meeting in the recent week is as follows:
“If I have registered <domainname>.tld, then how will you ensure that I am also the registrant of <domainname>.<idn-tld>, for all languages.”
The question shows that […]

ICANN: Comment Period Closed; Updated Draft Final Report IDNC WG on Fast Track Process for IDN ccTLDs Now Available

The IDNC WG has produced its draft final report [PDF, 97K] for discussion by the GAC and the ccNSO pursuant to the charter of the IDNC WG. Please note this document has not been signed off by the IDNC Working Group. The public comment period on the draft officially closed on 23 June 2008. Summary: […]

Bulgaria Applies for Top-Level Domain .bg in Cyrillic Script

Bulgaria has submitted a letter to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for the Top-Level Domain (TLD) ‘.bg’ in Cyrillic script as part of efforts to boost national pride amid a growing influence of English. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has also called for his country to be assigned a Cyrillic TLD as the Kremlin is concerned that Russian, once the main language throughout the Soviet Union, is losing ground to local languages. More…

ICANN to vote on internationalised domain names

An ICANN voting session on Thursday could see internationalised domain names, trademark domain extensions and .xxx become a reality