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Interim Report on DNAME Technical Evaluation

Overview • Prepared DNS emulation environment locally – the environment includes: – Root DNS server, JP DNS server, “Nippon” DNS server, other authoritative DNS server and Cache DNS server • Evaluated the followings: (1) Functionality: Verification of name resolution of “Nippon” TLD (2) Performance: Measurement of impact on Root/JP/Cache DNS servers caused by name resolution […]

Main IDN User Question

One of the main IDN questions asked by end-users in the last few months, and that have been discussed during the ICANN Paris meeting in the recent week is as follows:
“If I have registered <domainname>.tld, then how will you ensure that I am also the registrant of <domainname>.<idn-tld>, for all languages.”
The question shows that […]

.JP Registry: DNAME aliasing for idn.idn?

I read this May 4, 2008 release from the Japan Registry Services entitles “DNAME Issues Regarding IDN TLD

For much of the last year only the term “aliasing” has been used by ICANN staffers, Tina Dam in particulary for the possiblity of converting,,, etc to also alias as idn.idn (equivalents).

Can someone from ICANN shed some light on what is going on with DNAME (solution proposed by Verisign), and also with the options for alising of .com etc. into the new idn.idn space.

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