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ICANN: IDN Fast Track Process Update

ICANN recently proposed (for public comment) a Draft Implementation Plan for the introduction of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) on a limited basis for ccTLDs. The Plan follows the recommendations of the ICANN’s policy making supporting organizations and advisory committees. Those recommendations are available at [PDF, 101K]. Since the recent closure of the first public […]

Evan Brewer: International Domain Names (IDN) Practical Information

Back in December of 1996, a man by the name of Martin Dürst at the University of Zürich came up with the idea that adding internationalized characters to domain names would be a good idea.  Much debate was had and now almost every Top Level Domain (TLD) available supports internationalized characters. There are a few exceptions if I recall, […]

IDN and gTLD introductory sessions video

During the Cairo meeting in, ICANN together with produced a number of videos covering the main sessions and topics, with each video fronted by a member of either the staff or a chair of the relevant supporting organization or advisory committee.

You can find all of those videos posted on the Cairo site at, and we also post ICANN videos on the main site under the main tab “Videos”.

This video features two of ICANN’s project managers – Tina Dam and IDNs, and Karla Valente and new gTLDs – talking about the sessions they were due to run on the first day of the conference where introductions were given to their two topic areas.