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VeriSign IDN Industry Brief

The latest VeriSign Domain Name Industry Brief also spotlights how VeriSign and others in the global Internet community are working to provide a way for people of all languages to navigate the Internet. The issue is important, because Internet usage is growing fastest in countries where English and other Latin-based languages are not the primary […]

Chris Weber: The current state of IDN homograph spoofing in 2009

Aside from the frightening SSL stuff, Moxie Marlinspike stirred up some good interest in Internationalized Domain Names at Black Hat in DC with his domain lookalike attack. Since I’ve been studying the topic for a while, I wanted to point out some things about IDN people may want to know. At CanSecWest and SOURCE Boston […]

How The Japanese Avoid Domain Names

Japanese find ways to navigate web even before IDNs.
In an article titled “Domain names? We don’t need no domain names”, IDG News Service writer Martyn Williams explains how the Japanese use the search box in lieu of domain names.
Instead of typing into their browsers, they search for Google at Yahoo.
On the Yahoo […]

Why Internationalize?

Seth Godin’s book Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us looks like a good read, especially for marketers, crowd-herders, and entrepreneurs. Along with the book, he also started an invitation-only triiibal network on Ning, and got the folks to write an ebook called The Tribes Casebook (free download). There’s a particular essay in there written […]

URLs vs Queries in Japan

If you’re in Japan and look at the printed advertisements, you’ll notice the majority of companies that want you to follow up on the internet look the company up by searching for a キーワード kīwādo (“keyword”; Japanese-English for “search engine query”). The query will often be in a form input box, along with a mock […]

25 IDNs sold on Afternic for $875 each

IDN Sales reported by Afternic for last 10 days: سكس.com $875 ビタミン.com $875 télé $875 银.com $875 自行车.com $875 北九州市.com $875 健康食品.com $875 漆.com $875 热.com $875 船.com $875 电子邮件.com $875 武.com $875 尻.com $875 секс.net $875 харьков.com $875 sueñ $875 ドレス.com $875 سكس.net $875 беларусь.com $875 塑料.com $875 生命.com $875 出口.com $875 包.com $875 […]

Governments and Country-Code Managers’ Interest in the IDN Fast Track Process

Last year, ICANN sent letters to countries and territories informing them about the Fast Track process — where a limited number of internationalized domain names will be added to the Internet – and asked them to indicate their level of interest. This is an update on that process.

§.com IDN sold for $7,282

§.com Section sign IDN has been sold for 7,282 USD on  Sedo Auction The section sign (§; Unicode U+00A7, HTML entity §) is a typographical character used mainly to refer to a particular section of a document, such as a legal code. It is frequently used along with the pilcrow (¶), or paragraph sign. When […]