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Message from the new ICANN’s CEO Rod Beckstrom

First, let me say that I am thrilled to be on board as ICANN’s CEO and President. The moment I joined this exciting organization I found it working on an incredible range of activities involving an array of constituencies. Without doubt, ICANN is the most complex organization I have ever come across, necessarily, at least […] now available

Registry Operator and Sponsoring Organization, Telnic Limited recently announced that subscribers to the new .tel service can now view and manage .tel domains in more than 11 languages online. The .tel domains were made publicly available starting on March 24th all over the globe and since then almost 200,000 users have signed on for .tel […]

Españ, en Sedo

Hoy Javier Florentín (Dueñ me ha avisado por Facebook de que uno de sus dominios está siendo subastado en Sedo (la subasta finaliza el 15 de julio).
He pensado que tal vez sería interesante escribir este post porque me parece que hace ya un tiempo que no comentamos mucho sobre dominios .info y, en este caso […]

Sun Microsystems Awarded Patent for Detecting Spoofed Domain Names

Sun awarded patent to detect spoofed domains and send web users to intended domain name. Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ: JAVA) has been awarded U.S. patent 7,559,085 for “Detection for deceptively similar domain names”. The patent was filed in 2004 and awarded today. The system includes a number of methods for detecting that someone is accessing a […]

IDN Domain Names and Registration Primer

IDN, or Internalized Domain Name is a relative new addition by ICANN.
It allows foreign language domains – such as Chinese, Janpanese, Spanish, Hebrew, etc.
For example, translated to Chinese would be 麥當勞.com
So in foreign countries such as China computer users would simply type in 麥當勞.com in their browsers.  It is the browser’s job to […]

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