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Internationalized Domains – A reality?

An Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) is a domain name which contains one or more non-ASCII characters. As an increasing portion of the Internet users worldwide are speakers of languages that do not use the Latin alphabet, the introduction of IDNs has provided a way for these users to navigate the Internet in their own language.
Internationalizing […]

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Chris Weber: Unicode attacks and test cases – Visual Spoofing, IDN homograph attacks, and the Mixed Script Confusables

More on lookalikes, confusables, IDN homograph attacks, and other fun stuff, continued from the previous post.
Mixed-script confusables
These occur when letters from one alphabet or script, are used to give the same visual appearance as letters from a completely different script.  For example, the following words contain a mix of Latin and Cyrillic letters […]

UNESCO: International conference set foundations for linguistic diversity in cyberspace

19-09-2008 (Moscow) An international conference “Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace” addressed the issue of multilingualism on the Internet last July in Yakutsk, Russian Federation. The Conference was organized by the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Russian Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography, in cooperation with the UNESCO Office in Moscow […]