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IDN Implementation Guidelines v.3

Following the ICANN Board’s acceptance at the October 2011 meeting in Dakar, Senegal, ICANN is today providing notice of implementation for version 3.0 of the Guidelines for Implementation of Internationalized Domain Names. The IDN Guidelines are a list of general standards that many top-level domain registries deploying IDNs are required to follow based on the […]

Internationalized Domains – A reality?

An Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) is a domain name which contains one or more non-ASCII characters. As an increasing portion of the Internet users worldwide are speakers of languages that do not use the Latin alphabet, the introduction of IDNs has provided a way for these users to navigate the Internet in their own language.
Internationalizing […]

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Tina Dam: Compliance with IDN technical requirements

One of the main IDN related topics from the just-finished ICANN meeting in Cairo that I think deserves some additional attention was:
Why Compliance with IDN technical requirements are a necessity on a global scale
Overall compliance with technical standards are important for TLD registry operators in order to keep their TLD stable and secure and […]

Paris Briefing Note – overall summary of the meeting

As with previous meetings, we have prepared a “briefing note” for Paris to act as a broad summary of what happened over the five days. It has been published on the Paris meeting site and we republish it below.

What was it?
ICANN’s 32nd international public meeting was one of three held annually to conduct policy […]


InternationalFlags_Small.jpgRecently, we were thinking about purchasing new domain names for Imperva’s web site in languages other than English. This was a trigger for me to do some reading on ICANN’s International Domain Names (IDNs). Although I was already familiar with the general IDN concept, I knew that it is an evolving standard and I wanted to go back and re-examine the potential impacts on our WAF product. I didn’t find anything too interesting, but I did come to understand that there are some major security implications associated with this standard.  More importantly, no one has yet taken real responsibly for dealing with them.

But before I get into that, here’s a crash course in IDNs for those of you who are not familiar with the concept:

1. International domain names are becoming more and more available as more registrars and ISPs are implementing the IDN standard, which allows registering domain names that include non-ASCII characters.  

An Important Step Toward the Implementation of IDN Top-Level Domains: New Versions of IDNA Protocol Revision Proposals Posted

Revised papers of the technical standards that define the implementation of IDNs — the standards are called IDNA — were recently released via the IETF editors. These revisions are an important step toward the delegation of IDN top-level domains. An informal expert panel, working as what the IETF calls a “design team,” evaluated experiences gained […]