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ICANN: IDN Spoofing Concerns

Domain name spoofing works by exploiting the visual resemblance, or near- resemblance, of certain characters and symbols. ICANN is concerned about the potential exacerbation of domain name spoofing as IDNs become more widespread, and is equally concerned about the implementation of countermeasures that may unnecessarily restrict the use and availability of IDNs. ICANN’s public comment […] Internationalised Domains Names (IDNs) — Second Consultation

Previously, comment has been sought on potential issues associated with the implementation of IDNs in .nz, along with any other issues that the IDN working group (WG) should consider. (Submissions received can be viewed here A meeting of the IDN WG was held on the 18th of February to discuss the submissions we received. […]

Anti-phishing techniques – or how to defeat the purpose of IDNs

International Domain Names (IDNs) are attractive. They allow people to express themselves in the multitude of languages which this planet has to offer. However, they also allow scammers and phishers to trick you into believing a particular domain name is trustworthy, while it is a scam. The idea is that homoglyphs could be used by […]

Paris Briefing Note – overall summary of the meeting

As with previous meetings, we have prepared a “briefing note” for Paris to act as a broad summary of what happened over the five days. It has been published on the Paris meeting site and we republish it below.

What was it?
ICANN’s 32nd international public meeting was one of three held annually to conduct policy […]

ICANN: Comments Encouraged on the Final Report of IDNC Working Group on ccTLD “Fast Track” Mechanisms

Final Report of IDNC WG [PDF, 100K] Public Comment Forum Open Through 15 August 2008 Summary: The IDNC Working Group (IDNC WG) has developed its Final Report on feasible methods that would enable the timely and efficient (“fast track”) introduction of a limited number of non-contentious IDN ccTLDs, while an overall long-term IDN ccTLD policy […]

Chinese, Arabic and Hindi domain names to go up for sale – finally!

by Melissa Chang At its recent meeting in Paris, ICANN – the Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names, the organization that controls the assignment of domain names – made a number of announcements. The one that received the most press was the revelation that there would be new generic top level domains (gTLDs) available […]

Phishingfix Firefox gets sturdy criticism

The last week brought out Firefox a standard activated position introduced that international domain names impossibly makes with special signs. The step, meant to frustrate fraudeurs, is controversial. Many International domainnaamadministrators its dissatisfied about the 'rash' decision domains with diakritische signs out to connect. A domain with for instance umlauts, becomes in Firefox 1.0.1 reproduced […]

Conor Neu: ICANN Scheme Strictly for IDN’s?

What if this whole situation proposed by ICANN to allow a larger variety of sites is merely a scheme to make it easier for them to move towards IDN.IDN?
The new decision is to “allow any combination of letters and numbers, including non-latin characters.”  While, I am sure ICANN was considering the geo-extensions when discussing the […]

Shanghai Daily: Chinese characters coming soon to Internet domain names

THE Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has agreed that “.中国”, meaning China, can officially begin use as a domain name next year, Jiefang Daily reported. The China Internet Network Information Center made the announcement on Tuesday, saying it will provide a more convenient method for netizens who only use Chinese to surf the […]

Thoughts on ICANN’s ‘Open’ Domain Namespace

I recently did a brief interview with Tom Sullivan of Fox Business News on the topic of ICANN’s recent move to open up the namespace and create a large number of new top-level domains. I’ve been somewhat distracted by personal endeavours for the past month, so the interview gave me the opportunity to really think […]