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.中国 domain names to open for application next year

China has acquired the operation capabilities of “.中国” (“Chinese for China”) domain names, a leader at Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) said in Beijing recently. Starting from 2009, “.中国” domain names will appear on the Internet, which means email addresses in Chinese, for example, “×××@×××.中国”, can be used. The previous requirement of […] in arabic on the next year?

Dubai: The UAE is set to become the first country worldwide to offer complete internet domain names in a language other than English by late next year. Currently, efforts to this end by some countries, like in China, have achieved only partial success since the .com part of the URL (uniform resource locator) must still […]

IDN.TW at $2.00 promo

IDN.TW at Only USD2.00! Now IDN.TW is available for registration at USD2.00 only, lower than any gTLDs. This promotion is applicable only for Individual IDN.TW domain registration.  This would mean that the domain name registered would need to be similar to the Registrant Name, for example: Registrant- 陳美玲, the Domain Name Registered has to be: […]

Russian Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Talks About Cyrillic Domain Names

Igor Schegolev, the Russian Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications spoke at the opening of the InfoCom 2008 exhibition in Moscow. Among other things, which made news (for example, that the Russian government will be implementing a free and open source based operating system on all computers in the Russian schools), he also made the following remarks – translated by me in English. More…

ICANN: Public Comment: IDN ccTLD Fast Track Draft Implementation Plan

ICANN is pleased to make the Draft Implementation Plan for the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process available for public discussions. The Draft Implementation Plan can be found here [PDF, 297K]. The IDN Fast Track Process is a mechanism recommended by the IDNC Working Group, focused on the introduction of a limited number of non contentious […]

Domain Name Wire: Risks Remain for IDN Investors

New IDN TLDs may pose problems for second level IDN holders.
For years, domain names were only available in roman characters. Domain names in these characters don’t make a lot of sense to web users who’s primary languages don’t use these characters.
But then so-called International Domain Names (IDNs) using non-roman characters became available. Domainers […]

IDN, nombres de dominio en español y portugués

Registrar nombres de dominio usando caracteres propios del español y el portugués, progresivamente está dejando de ser un percance en la comunidad latinoamericana. Lea más al respecto en la columna de Alberto Cerda Silva, Director de Estudios de ONG Derechos Digitales, para Terra Magazine.

Todo quien ha intentado obtener un nombre de dominio que emplea la […]

Draft Applicant Guidebook for New gTLDs Available Soon

In the next two weeks, in the lead up to ICANN’s Cairo public meeting, the new generic top-level domain (gTLD) Applicant Guidebook, also called the “draft Request for Proposal (RFP)”, will be released. This document will provide information to applicants wanting to apply for a new gTLD. The Draft Applicant Guidebook will be in a […]

Coming in 2009:

The era of online domination by the Roman alphabet will come one step closer to its end next year when a new top-level domain for China, .中国, is deployed. Xinhua reports that ICANN expects the domain, which uses the two-character modern Chinese word for “China,” will be ready in …

More than 100.000 domains will be liberated in Brazil

If you want to review the complete list of domains to be freed and register some of them please check: According to the rules of NIC Brazil if the same domain is requested by two companies it will be given to the company that has ID and a trademark registered in Brazil. If there […]