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Domain .РФ success is one of the major events in 2011

On 22 November 2011, the Federal Agency for Printed and Mass Media (Rospechat) in tandem with the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) co-organized a press conference “Runet: year in review and prospects of expansion” at the RIA Novosti press center . Andrey Kolesnikov, the CC’s CEO, took part in the press conference. In his […]

Russian IDN ccTLD .рф Opens for Registrations, Makes History

November 11, 2010, marked the day when the new IDN ccTLD .рф (Cyrillic for Российская Федерация, Russian Federation) was opened for general registration. Prior to that date the registration was open only for trademark owners and governmental institutions. Before the registration started, in an interview for the КоммерсантЪ (Commersant) daily, Andrey Kolesnikov, CEO of the […]

.РФ is Live!

.РФ top level IDN domain has been delegeated tonight to Russian Federation .xn--p1ai First websites in .рф are available at http://президент.рф http://правительство.рф

Meet the next generation of country codes

So now that the media hype over internationalized domain names (IDNs) has died down, let’s focus on the messy details of what this all means. First of all, we’re not about to see the non-Latin equivalent of .com anytime soon. Certainly not next year. There are several reason for this which I will cover in […]

.РФ IDN TLD for Russia

Seoul, Oct 27 Andrei Kolesnikov THE .РФ PROJECT • October 30, 2009 –you know… • As soon as Fast Track opens, all documents ready • Accept financial conditions • November 2, 2009 -… start accreditation of registrars forIDN ccTLD.РФ • 25 of November, 2009 –25 of March, 2010 –priority registration for Cyrillic TM’s • April […]

Russia Wins First Non-Latin Domain Extension .RF (.РФ)

After several months of speculation, ICANN have awarded Russia the first non-latin domain extension; .РФ (.RF). This will be available from next July according to Kommersant, the Russian newspaper
The .РФ zone domains are expected to cover roughly 20 percent of current .RU, forecasted Dmitry Ufaev, the managing partner at RBC Hosting Center. Some 1.75 million […]

Russian Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Talks About Cyrillic Domain Names

Igor Schegolev, the Russian Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications spoke at the opening of the InfoCom 2008 exhibition in Moscow. Among other things, which made news (for example, that the Russian government will be implementing a free and open source based operating system on all computers in the Russian schools), he also made the following remarks – translated by me in English. More…

Опрос КЦ про .РФ

опрос КЦ про .РФ В настоящее время в корпорации ICANN, управляющей адресным пространством Интернета, обсуждается вопрос о возможности создания доменов верхнего уровня с использованием символов национальных алфавитов (IDN). Окончательное решение по этому вопросу должно быть принято на конференции ICANN, которая состоится в Париже в конце июня этого года. Координационный Центр национального домена сети Интернет организует […]

IDN.SU registration

The xn-- domains registration will be started on April 28, 12 a.m. (MSK)

Kremlin eyes internet control…

The growing cold war with Russia has a new front besides oil fields and undersea territorial claims: the internet. Russia’s government is pushing for greater control over the Russian-language part of the net – and its aim seems to be to create a web that operates in Cyrillic, completely independent from the wider web. The […]