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Public Interest Registry Opens Call for Nominations for its Advisory Council

Registry for .ORG domain names seeks submissions from Internet leaders Reston, VA – December 19, 2008 – .ORG, The Public Interest Registry, the premier domain where people turn to find credible information, get involved, fund causes and support advocacy, announces it is seeking Internet leaders to fill four (4) open seats on the .ORG Advisory […]

将来性が確かなものとなった国際化ドメイン(IDN) その1

詳細 ドメインといえば、英字、数字、ハイフン以外の文字は使用できないというのが一…

Microsoft, Time Warner, Others Weigh In On New TLDs

A quick synopsis of public comments about new top level domains.
The deadline to comment on the latest revisions of ICANN’s plan for introducing new top level domains was Monday. As is usually the case, the big companies waited until the last minute to file their comments. The general consensus is:
1. We don’t like […]

Chris Weber: Unicode attacks and test cases: IDN and IRI display, normalization and anti-spoofing

Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRI’s) are a new take on the old URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), which through RFC 3986 restricted domain names to a subset of ASCII characters – mainly lower and upper case letters, numbers, and some punctuation. IRI’s were forecasted many years ago by Martin Dürst and Michel Suignard, and formalized in RFC […]

IDN Response and summary to the Cairo public forum

This is a Response and Summary to the Cairo public forum that took place on 6 November 2008.

A PDF version of this document is available at:

Note from the Chairman:

One of the most significant features of ICANN meetings is the Public Forum, where members of the ICANN community are able to present their views on issues of concern to them to the ICANN Board, in public session. The fact that we rotate meetings through each of the geographic sectors of the world enhances the opportunity that people from every region to present their views to the ICANN Board, in the presence of Staff and the whole ICANN community.

As a long-time participant from the floor presenting views, in my case from the ccTLD community, I am well aware of the time, effort and expense that goes into the preparation of such statements. As a board member, I have valued hearing those submissions, from individuals, governments and constituencies. I am determined as Chair to continue this tradition, and to maximise the opportunities for information sharing it represents.

Chris Weber: Unicode attacks and test cases – Visual Spoofing, IDN homograph attacks, and the Mixed Script Confusables

More on lookalikes, confusables, IDN homograph attacks, and other fun stuff, continued from the previous post.
Mixed-script confusables
These occur when letters from one alphabet or script, are used to give the same visual appearance as letters from a completely different script.  For example, the following words contain a mix of Latin and Cyrillic letters […]

Eurid plans introduction IDN

Eurid expects to introduce IDN in September 2009. There will only be a landrush, no sunrise. This means that there’s no special protection for the owners of a registered trademark or for the owners of a registered .eu name.
Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names that contain characters such as letters with accents and characters […]