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IDN Registration in Argentina

Before next March 23rd NIC Argentina will be done sending notifications about the services entered during the sunrise period. On March 23rd the registration of multilingual character domains will be open, and also it will be published the list of domains requested during the sunrise period and that have more than one request. This list […]

Internationalized Domains – A reality?

An Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) is a domain name which contains one or more non-ASCII characters. As an increasing portion of the Internet users worldwide are speakers of languages that do not use the Latin alphabet, the introduction of IDNs has provided a way for these users to navigate the Internet in their own language.
Internationalizing […]

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UAE introduces Arabic domain names

The United Arab Emirates will now allow Arabic domain names for websites, which was previously restricted to using only English characters. The proposal was put across by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority as part of a national strategy to manage Arabic language on the internet. It was officially approved by the Ministerial Council for Services yesterday […]