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Character ß in .de soon

DENIC plans to update Domain Guidelines effective 16 November 2010 – Sunrise period for holders of domains with names containing “ss” starting on 26 October 2010 Effective 16 November 2010, the central registry for .de domains, DENIC, will abolish the rule that forbids the Latin small letter sharp s to be used as an independent […]

Palestinian IDN Alive

GAZA-Palestine PNINA announced the launching of Palestinian country code Top-Level-Domain in Arabic which known as (.falasteen). This has been accomplished after the ICANN completed technical check ups and register the new ccTLD domain servers on the global root DNS servers. It is possible now to reach the websites by using the pure Arabic domain names […]

Review of IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process

We are nearing the one-year anniversary date (16 November 2010) of the launch of the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process. The Final Implementation Plan for the Fast Track Process requires that the process undergo review annually. ICANN is now opening a public comments forum on the review of the process. Commenters are asked to suggest […]

Insecurity Complex

On Friday, the Financial Times published an article exploring the role that governments have been assuming in cyber security.  At one point while discussing the relationship between the U.S. government and ICANN, the article makes the somewhat misleading assertion that “American control over the administration of the web is slipping.”  In reality, since ICANN signed […]

ICANN and UNESCO Working Together Towards Successful Implementation of IDN ccTLDs

ICANN and UNESCO have agreed to work together to further strengthen and promote multilingualism in cyberspace, and facilitate the successful implementation of IDN ccTLDs. ICANN and UNESCO, in a letter of intent, have Identified the first area of joint collaboration in furtherance of the December 2009 Cooperation Agreement.  Under the LOI, both parties will cooperate, […]