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IDN.SU registration

The xn-- domains registration will be started on April 28, 12 a.m. (MSK)

Russians Snub ICANN with IDN SU Registrations

As we reported back in February 2007, ICANN is still attempting to delete the obsolete SU (Soviet Union) extension but having little success. While they have managed to decommission the .YU (Yogoslavia) extension successfully they are finding rebellion among Russian webmasters, ISPs and the Registry itself.
To bring you up to date with the dispute so […]

The Foundation for Internet Development: On possibility of registration of multilingual domain names in SU domain

Supervising Council of the Foundation for Internet Development decided to cancel restrictions on registration of domains with xn-- prefix in SU domain starting from April 28, 2008. For the last several years International corporation ICANN implements the system of multilingual domains (IDN) that permits using domain names with symbols of different national alphabets. Considering support […]

.SU Russian IDN

Since April, 28, 2008 according to the decision of The Foundation for Internet Development, SU top level domain Administrator restrictions for registration domain names with prefix xn-- are canceled. It allows .SU Russian IDN registration. Since April, 15, 2008 RU-CENTER takes the pre-orders for .SU Russian IDNs. If you apply for a domain and your application […]